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Ah, Selfies!

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re here to stay.

And as the world’s 1st dedicated selfie stick and accessory company, so are we!

The When & Why

As CEO and Founder, I incorporated Selfie World® in late 2014 with a very simple mission:

  • to be the “go to” place for everything selfie
  • to become recognized as the selfie specialists
  • to become a globally recognized brand standing for quality and innovation in the selfie products’ space

The selfie stick concept is simply ingenious

I thought the concept of a selfie stick was simply fantastic.

It was only when I looked back at some old family photos I realized there were so few that included me.


Because I was the one taking the photos! It’s easy to see why selfie accessories have such a wide appeal.

My Frustration

It’s true you can buy selfie sticks and accessories almost anywhere, but when you see them being sold alongside fake sunglasses during your annual beach vacation you know there must be questions over the actual quality.

Talk to anyone who’s bought anything from beach sellers, street or market vendors and they’ll probably tell you the item didn’t last long or there was some other quality or reliability issue that brought a quick halt to the anticipated enjoyment of the product.

In other words, like most things in life, you always get what you pay for!

Buy a selfie stick from a beach seller and you'll probably get what you pay for

But if you’re like me, you know that sometimes it’s worth paying a little for more higher quality and reliability. 

Looking at the selfie accessory market in late 2014, however, I frequently encountered what can only be described as cheaply manufactured products that not only didn’t last but, in many cases, weren’t up to the job they were designed for.

Take flimsy weak stainless steel tubing, for example. If you need one thing when using a selfie stick, it’s the confidence that your $500 cellphone isn’t going to fall, move or wobble even before you’ve taken a selfie.

Did you know that there are selfie sticks on the market that will simply rotate freely when extended because the manufacturer didn’t think to build in a stability mechanism? 

It's precisely this problem that led one You-Tuber to post a highly entertaining video showing how, for less than $10, you can fix an unstable selfie stick in only 5 minutes. 

Of course, if this guy had spent the extra $10 on an original Selfie World® product in the first place, he would have saved himself all this work.

How to fix an unstable selfie stick in only 5 minutes

Many popular models rely on Bluetooth® technology for their operation.  But you may not know that not all Bluetooth® chip-sets are the same.  The poorest ones are manufactured in China and will get you nothing more than random and unreliable cellphone pairings at best. 

Compatibility with the world’s major cellphone brands is another challenge for many manufacturers.  If you don’t have an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, many Bluetooth selfie sticks simply won’t pair.

You may have seen so-called ‘cable’ selfie sticks.  I bought one for $5, mounted my iPhone 6 Plus, only to find the cable wasn’t long enough to reach the audio jack.  The product was completely useless.

As I understood it, some moments in life are so special, you absolutely have to preserve the moment forever.  Being let down by an unreliable product can only lead to frustration and disappointment.

And then, of course, it's too late and that special moment is lost forever.

All Selfie World products come with professional retail-ready packaging as standard

My Personal Promise To You

And so you can begin to see how and why Selfie World® was conceived. 

Put simply, selfie accessories are cellphone accessories. 

If you’ve bought high quality accessories for your cellphone, you know the experience (and hence your expectation) is influenced from the moment you look at the packaging.

That is, before you even open the box!

In that brief description, I’ve perfectly described my vision for Selfie World®.

When a customer receives one of our selfie sticks, for example, I want him or her to know they’ve bought a great product even before they touch it.

That’s why every single one of our products comes with professionally-branded, retail-ready packaging with user instructions in 4 languages as standard.

I have personally sourced every single one of our products and regularly visit our manufacturers to ensure the highest level of quality control in the industry. 

And, unlike most of our competitors, every one of our Bluetooth® products is officially certified as genuine by Bluetooth® SIG themselves.  I can safely say that around 99% of our competitors do not have this.

All Selfie World Bluetooth are officially certified by Bluetooth SIG

You can be in no doubt, therefore, that you’re not only getting a genuine, high quality product that’s designed to last, but one that is guaranteed to capture all those special photographic moments forever.

On top of that we provide a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty on all products and 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  That means that when you buy a Selfie World® product, you can do so with complete confidence.

Don't Take My Word For It

Of course, it’s one thing my telling you all this but I think it’s worth hearing from just a handful of our satisfied customers.

Despite being a young company, we’ve already sold 1000s of selfie sticks and accessories.


Super strong! This does not drop my phone at all. I am very pleased. I have a heavy and large phone!” ‘Orbit Pro I’ customer, 9 Oct 2015

This is as very good, high quality build, easy to use selfie stick we have bought till now. One perfect grip easy to mount any phone, camera (with provided accessory) and of course GoPro. When you touch it you can feel the quality difference between this and others available in market. I am pretty sure you will not find this quality with accessories for GoPro in market on this price.” ‘Universal Pro’ customer, 22 Aug 2015

The best!!! And what a steal of a deal! Thinking of buying the second one...It is quick and compact-awesome.” ‘Vortex Pro I’ customer, 23 Sept 2015

This is the coolest selfie stick I've purchased. I love the remote it comes with. It's easy to use and just as easy to pair with my iphone. Its really great and I like how it holds my phone securely. Excellent selfie stick. This is a great product from a great seller.” ‘Apex Pro’ customer, 21 Sept 2015


Product works great. Seller promptly answered questions before purchase and followed up with an email post-purchase to assure my understanding of the product and how to reach them. Their customer service exceeds that which I have received from companies from whom I've made considerably larger purchases!” ‘Mooni’ Customer, 2 Oct 2015

I had a question which I emailed to the seller and I received a response overnight. They seem genuinely interested in making their customers happy.” ‘Orbit Pro I’ customer, 28 Sept 2015

Seller cared that the buyer would be satisfied with the product by communicating, even before the product arrived, i felt there was help if i needed one in operating. This ia a big help since i never had one before and had no idea what to do.”  ‘Apex Pro’ Customer, 27 Sept 2015

So If You Love Selfies

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Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I look forward to serving you at Selfie World®.


Chris Hawkins BA(Hons) MA
CEO & Founder
Selfie World®